David Boone | A Tale of Gold

Published: April 1, 2008

CD-David-Boone.jpgSeveral months back, Missoula songwriter David Boone put on his own concert at the Wilma Theater, packed the rafters, and sent everyone home knowing they'd been part of a special musical event. That's because Boone is a fine songwriter and performer, as he shows us on his new CD, A Tale of Gold.

The guitarist and singer has turned his "1,000 seemingly aimless ideas" into a bunch of nuggets here, cross-mixing diverse styles and making it hard to classify just what he does. How about rock-infused, folk-inflected, countrified melodies with a dead-on pop sensibility for great hooks. That's a mark of true talent.

Suffice it to say, Boone's an original, one who's maturing quickly. As in previous recordings, he's still writing about aimlessness and heartbreak and unabashed true love, but sings with more control over his plaintive tenor these days. He whispers, cries and croons, and sings falsetto รก la James Blunt and Chris Martin, but without being annoying.

He starts with scratchy radio FX, then rocks on "Pieces of Art," sings wistfully on the pensive "Bandana," and leisurely vocalizes on the bluesy "Butterfly."

His delicious melodies, vocal phrasing and turn of phrase keep thoughtful lyrics from disintegrating into purple prose. Interesting arrangements and cool chord progressions also proliferate.

There's the constantly morphing and pretty country song "Elements," with its funky drums and ragtime piano. Cool string tracks buoy "Above the Rain," and a kids' chorus opens the waltz, "Mama Said." Spooky accompaniment peppers the last cut, "She's Only Human."

This new effort features a fine supporting cast and spot-on production work. Give it a listen.

Visit the artist at www.davidboone.net.

- Mariss McTucker

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