Vickie Meguire: Boundaries ... Barriers ... Bridges

May 6 - Jul 9

LT Pick

Paris Gibson Square has extended two exhibits: the work of Betsey Hurd, “Where the Wild Things Are,” continues through June 8; and Vickie Mequire’s “Boundaries ... Barriers ... Bridges” now closes July 9.
Meguire’s installation art is an immersive experience meant to awaken the viewer’s perception by interrupting visual lines or planes within the space. Her work is strongly informed by Japanese culture and aesthetics. Many of her individual pieces are created using a technique called frottage, a non-traditional printmaking process using graphite rubbings of relief plates she carves.
Betsey Hurd is interested in the secret life of animals, wild as well as domesticated, and explores their their relationships and interactions with each other through her sculptural ceramics and paintings.
Through June, the Square offers a special virtual exhibition of the Great Falls Public Schools: Annual Student Fine Art Exhibition.

  • Date(s):
    • through July 9