Meet the Artists: Carlburg Pottery, Corvidae, and Patagonian Hands

Jul 3

Discover the stories of some of the more than 80 artists featured at HandMADE Montana. Ask questions, find out how they make what they make, and see an expanded selection of their handcrafted goods.
Tim Carlburg specializes in creating handmade growlers and a wide assortment of functional ceramics. All of the ceramics are turned by hand on the potter's wheel or cast from molds created in Carlburg’s studio.
Corvidae Drawings and Designs are handcrafted homewares, gifts and paper products made in the mountains of Montana.
Claudia Paillao of Patagonian Hands is from Patagonia, Chile, and she works with her husband, a Missoula native. They make wildlife sculptures, mostly of birds, using 100 percent sheep wool with no stitches, glue, or artificial stuffing. Patagonian Hands also makes fine silver jewelry and wooden coasters, among other woolen products such as felted soaps, trivets, ornaments and more.

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