The Last Glacier Project & Sentinels

Jul 20 - Sep 21

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art presents an inspired selection of works created by The Last Glacier collaborative artist group. Through their work the artists honor and bring attention to areas of environmental concern.
The Last Glacier Project and Sentinels are two special exhibitions that offer insightful, noteworthy, and moving images, accompanied with scientific research, that highlight and comment on the changing environment.
Detailed and focused photographs by Ian Van Coller, are shown alongside richly layered and textured reductive woodcut prints by Todd Anderson and Bruce Crownover.
An Artist/Expert Panel Discussion begins at 6 p.m. Friday, Sept. 16, featuring Todd Anderson, Ian Van Coller, Bruce Crownover and Dr. Gary Machlis, with Nicole Maria Evans, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections.

  • Tickets:
  • Free
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    • continuing through Sept. 21