Brewery Follies keeps the laughs coming after Labor Day

On Stage

Dorks and goofballs are a few of the words that Brewery Follies actors use to describe their
themselves and their irreverent brand of fun.

Even as Virginia City begins to quiet down after another hectic summer, The Brewery Follies keep the doors open and the laughs rolling through Sept. 20 at the Old H.S. Gilbert Brewery.

The fun-filled cabaret show, full of skits, goofiness and improv, continues in the 19th-century atmosphere of Montana’s first brewery, established in 1863. The madcap ensemble, headed by Mike and Jill Verdon, presents a wacky, contemporary comedy revue, with live music.

“We try to have fun,” says artistic director Mike Verdon. “Our show is risque, bawdy, and can involve social and political commentary. We don’t have any violence in the show, there’s no nudity, and we don’t use the most offensive four-letter words. However, we don’t tell people that our show is squeaky clean.”

“If our nation’s president is engaging in ‘sexual relations with that woman,’ you can be certain we’re going to make lots of jokes about it, and we did,” he adds.

Kids are welcome, Verdon says, “if you don’t mind exposing them to an environment where adults drink beer, laugh heartily, and may be called upon to make complete fools of themselves.”

Let your hair down, and enjoy a cold beverage and an evening of biting parody and naughty political and social satire . The show “is wild enough for any old-time miner,” declared Sunset Magazine.

Show times are 8 p.m. Wednesdays-Fridays and 4 and 8 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays, Sept. 3-20. Call 800-829-2969 ext. 3 or visit for details.