About LT

Our Story

Lively Times was created in 1993 by co-publishers Susan Bearse and Kristi Niemeyer as a way of finding out what was happening beyond our hometown of Charlo. Since both of us had spent many years in the weekly newspaper business, we decided to build our own paper and forge our own business. We launched the online version in 2001, with its newest iteration appearing in 2015.

For more than 24 years (292 issues to be exact), we’ve gathered information, sold ads and constructed the most comprehensive arts and entertainment paper in the state – all from our headquarters near the tiny town of Charlo. To the east loom the Mission Mountains, and to the west, Ninepipes Reservoir is year-around home to a profusion of waterfowl and an occasional grizzly bear. Although we our last print edition went out the door in August 2017, we continue to fuel this robust website and its online events calendar, and offer subscriptions to our events data to organizations and businesses, including Visit Montana and the Montana Arts Council.

We still strive to connect Montana’s thriving arts & entertainment community and, as we claimed in our very first issue, “banish boredom.”


Mike O'Halloran captured this shot of the Mission Mountains at sunrise
Mike O’Halloran captured this shot of the Mission Mountains


Our Staff

Kristi is co-publisher and editor (which means she bosses words around, writes stories and oversees other aspects of the business). She also provides editorial services for State of the Arts, a quarterly newspaper we produce for the Montana Arts Council.

As business manager and co-publisher, Sue makes the business end of Lively Times run smoothly. Although semi-retired, she still plays a major role in overseeing LT, and steps in when we need her.

Brenda continues to track down information, design ads, sell online advertising, and deftly manage our social media presence.

Other Important People

  • Mariss McTucker

With us since our very first issue, Mariss has been a stalwart friend and consummate proofreader. She's also a fine musician and writes most of our CD reviews.