The Clay Studio announces The Figure In Montana exhibit

June 5 to June 28, The Clay Studio, Missoula

Art Beat

The Figure in Montana brings together seven artists in various stages of their careers (from emerging to established) working in clay that have a variety of diverse approaches to the concept of the human figure. The artists featured in the exhibit are Crista Ann Ames, Adrian Arleo, Stephen Braun, Jocelyn Howard, Beth Lo, Carla Potter, and Chris Riccardo.

For nearly thirty years, Lolo based artist Adrian Arleo has focused her skilled ceramic work on the human figure, often combining it with animal imagery, and other elements of the natural world. She explores connections between the human and animal realms and human figures possessing animal features that reveal something hidden about the character or primal nature of the subject.

Jocelyn Howard, “Peter” , Clay, underglaze, stain, terra sigilatta, glaze, 23″W x 25″H x 6″D

Missoula artist Beth Lo focuses on issues of family and her Asian-American background. In utilizing sculptural and painted approaches in her ceramic forms, she explores cultural marginality and blending, tradition and Westernization, language and translation.

At first glance, Whitefish based artist Stephen Braun’s unique “rakued” sculptures look as though they were unearthed in an archaeological dig. Braun’s work focuses primarily on social and environmental connections, as well as political ideas

Helena is home to both Carla Potter and Chris Riccardo. Carla’s masterful approach to rendering body fragments and small figures in porcelain highlight both the strength and delicacy of both the medium and subjects. Chris Riccardo expressive figurative works are playful yet challenge and engage the viewer. Chris currently works at the newly established Studio 740.

This exhibit features the works of young emerging artists Crista Ann Ames and Jocelyn Howard. Crista is an MFA candidate at University of Montana, working in textiles and ceramics in her approach to memory, loss, and transformation. Jocelyn is currently an artist-in-residence at Red Lodge Clay Center who uses the figure as a vehicle for narratives that involve themes of sexuality, gender identity, religion, adulthood, and play.

An opening reception is scheduled at 5:30 p.m. June 5 at The Clay Studio of Missoula, 1106 Hawthorne Unit A.  The exhibit runs from June 5 to June 28. For information call 406-543-0509 or visit