WÖR: Fresh take on 18th century music

Quintet brings “hip, catchy, original brew” to Ronan and Whitefish

On Stage

WÖR –  a brilliant quintet known for lively shows that reimagine classic folk music from the Flanders region of Belgium – performs Nov. 9 in Ronan and Nov. 10 in Whitefish.

Almost 300 years ago, some musicians from around Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Leuven decided to write down their favorite music. As time passed, however, the paper turned yellow, the ink began to fade, and the music itself was left to gather dust along with the faded manuscripts. That is, until now.

With their finely textured arrangements, WÖR (pronounced ‘were’) injects new energy into 18th-century melodies from Belgium, shining an inventive spotlight on this unique music with a distinct, modern twist. All members are astonishing musicians, coaxing fantastic sounds from their saxophones, violin, bagpipes, accordion and guitar. Get ready to be surprised by their hip, catchy and original brew with clear influences from Celtic, jazz, and pop music.

WÖR is comprised of Fabio Di Meo on baritone saxophone, Jeroen Goegebuer on fiddle, Bert Ruymbee on accordion, Jonas Scheys on guitar, and Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven on bagpipes, soprano sax, and the baroque musette. They have released three albums (“Back to the 1780’s” in 2015, “Sssht” in 2017 and “About Towers” in 2021) and have toured Europe, Australia, Canada and the U.S.

In August 2018, WÖR won the German award ‘Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik’ with their album “Sssht” and in 2021, they were nominated for Best Live Band at the Flemish Folk Awards. Their album “About Towers” made it onto the European World Music Charts, highlighting a vast carillon repertoire from the Low Countries.

The carillon – a set of tuned bronze bells suspended in a large tower – used to function like a radio station in the late Middle Ages, playing the hits of the day to everyone in the surrounding area.

WÖR in Montana

Ronan: 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, at the Ronan Performing Center; tickets to the Mission Valley Live! series are $15 for adults and free for ages 18 and under (ages 12 and under must be accompanied by ticketed adult). Buy online or at the door.

Whitefish: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, at the O’Shaughnessy Center in Whitefish. Tickets are $30 for adults and $20 for students with reserved seating. Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office, 1 Central Ave., Whitefish, by calling 862-5371 or visiting www.whitefishtheatreco.org.