ZINNIA delivers solo show in hometown of Helena

Toronto-based artist brings eloquent, arresting voice to The Myrna Loy July 13

On Stage

Prepare for a rare treat. ZINNIA is back at The Myrna Loy – this time as a solo show, 7:30 p.m. Thursday, July 13.

The last time, ZINNIA played here as a five-piece band. This time, it’s a one-woman band in the form of talented singer/songwriter Rachael Cardiello.

Though a slight twang sometimes reveals her Montana roots, Cardiello has spent the past 12 years in Toronto collaborating, recording and touring as a session player. She recently completed a residency in Butte and makes periodic visits to hometown Helena.

During the Myrna show, she’ll sing songs from her new album, “Dollar Store Disco,” due out later this year, accompanying herself on piano, viola and guitar.

“I’ve been curious to do a solo show at The Myrna Loy, mostly based on the beautiful grand piano that they have,” she says. “A solo show brings out a different side of the music.”

Her first album, “Sensations in Two Dot,” was “a deep dive into doubt and trying to have compassion within the doubt.”

Her new one is “full of divorce anthems,” she laughs. “It’s very angry. It’s kind of a fun rock break-up album.”

She’ll also play a song she wrote during her recent Butte residency, exploring the city’s mining and union protests.

“Solo shows feel really intimate,” allowing people to take in the lyrics that can deal with painful topics – like being bipolar and her divorce.

“I try to approach it with humor and lightness that lets people in on the journey,” she says. “I just want people to immerse themselves right in that moment with me.”

ZINNIA reviews have been rapturous.

“The Toronto artist has an absolutely gorgeous voice with an arresting quality that instantly brings you in to the moment and stops the world from spinning around you.” (Listen with Monger)

“ZINNIA’s voice casts forth silky gilded tones full of scrumptious timbres and velvety textures. Put simply, it’s a deific, exquisite voice, exuding elusive tantalizing wisps of beauty…. eloquent, assertive, stylishly simple, radiating enchanting inflections, and pervasive tranquility.” (Rawckus Magazine)

Tickets are $20 and are available at the box office, 15 N. Ewing, themyrnaloy.com or call 406-443-0287.