Allen Morris Jones: Mumblecusser

Novelist, editor and poet introduces his new collection with a reading at The Myrna Loy

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Montana novelist, editor, and poet Allen Morris Jones will be offering a rare reading from his new work, Mumblecusser, at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 11 at The Myrna Loy.

Mumblecusser, a new collection of poems by Allen Morris Jones.
Mumblecusser, a new collection of poems by Allen Morris Jones.

The author of three novels, including the Montana Book Award honor book A Bloom of Bones, a highly regarded consideration of the ethics of hunting (A Quiet Place of Violence), a Spur Award-winning children’s book, and numerous stories, articles, and essays, Jones will be reading principally from his newest work, a collection of poetry published by Helena-based literary publisher, the Drumlummon Institute.

Mumblecusser has been in the works for the last 20 years or so,” Jones said, referring to the collection. “The oldest poems were written in my early thirties. The most recent was finalized just a few months before

About this collection, poet Michael Earl Craig said, “In these pages a boy has turned into a young man who’s turned into a father on his way toward dust. These poems make you stop and think at every turn – carefully built
and a joy to read.”

And Montana Poet Laureate Mark Gibbons said, “From his family to the stars, from the cacophony of humanity to the quietude of water, Jones looks keenly, feels deeply, and renders his observations in smart, humorous, and heartfelt poems that celebrate this life in this place at this time.”

“More than anything else,” Jones said, “I want people to be entertained by the work. And maybe after they’re amused, if they care to peel back a layer or two, hopefully they’ll find some depth there as well. But first, entertainment.”

Jones made it a point to mention that the cover art was provided by Helena-area artist Dale Livezey. “I love it that the first reading for this book is in Helena, hometown of both Drumlummon and Dale Livezey. It’s been an honor to work on this project with them. I can’t imagine a more talented set of collaborators.”