Bill Harley Free Family Concert

May 15

LT Pick Free

Mother’s Day Concert with America’s Favorite storyteller/songwriter delights all ages in this family-centered special show.
Bill Harley travels the U.S and abroad to delight audiences with his original wit, heart-warming stories, songs and insights about the human experience. He’s been a staple of MTPR’s “Pea Green Boat” program since peas were first green.
Bill’s songs and stories paint a vibrant and hilarious picture of growing up, schooling and family life. Masterful storytelling and comic narrative songs will have listeners young and old laughing out loud. With slice-of-life vignettes about big trouble and simple pleasures, Bill’s rubber-faced abandon and keen memory will delight the entire family.
“Harley’s audiences are families, but it’s hard to tell who enjoys him more parents or children.”
Los Angeles Times

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