Cathy Weber: “Understory/Overstory”

Sep 11 - Jan 12

LT Pick

Dillon-based artist Cathy Weber creates a site-specific installation of found and altered trees to recreate a magical forest populated by black birds that alight in branches and rise in a murmuration on the gallery walls. This is Weber’s first foray into large-scale installation, and she produced this work solely for MAM. The title refers to the ecological relationship between upper and lower forest vegetation that expresses the diversity, composition, and structure of the ecosystem. Understory refers to the area of growth beneath the canopy, while overstory refers to the upper crown cover. The terms also refer to stories that are hidden and those that are revealed.
The installation adopts the metaphoric language Weber has developed in her paintings and illuminated manuscripts.

  • Date(s):
    • continuing through Jan. 12