Evolving: Stephanie Revennaugh

Nov 18 - Dec 30


About her work. Stephanie Revennaugh says, "It began as a deep impulse to express what moved me. I long had no answer to why I was moved. Attraction, need, desire, urge, passion, expression, all sparked by the essence and form of the horse. From childhood sketches to explorations in oil paint through clay cast in bronze and now glass, what motivated my hands to create was Equus Caballus, as if its energy overrode my conscious will. Horse form has generously been my canvas whose surface I’ve handled in clay with a raw and painterly style of impasto mark making. In an infinite loop of horse, heart, mind, art, mind, heart, horse, I know myself, and in this knowing I heal, and in healing I grow, expand, evolve."

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    • Nov. 18-Dec 31