Exhibition: Cody White’s Debut Solo Show “First Impressions”

Nov 7 - Nov 28


Cody White was born in the little town of Burley, Idaho. He grew up being consumed with curiosity about the world around him and the structure of nature. When he was a child, his grandparents took him on trips to go hiking on the mountain trails. When they were on hikes, White was constantly overwhelmed with a fascination about the order involved in nature. At times, he related the patterns and diversities of nature to a theater play or song.
After college, Cody found a very influential friend and mentor, Robert Moore, an impressionistic oil painter whose perspective on life and art Cody quickly treasured. After being blessed with the opportunity of becoming Robert’s apprentice, Cody grew to interpret life and color in ways he thought were not possible. Robert has been very influential in developing White’s understanding of, not only the order of nature and life, but why there is that order in the first place. This is where White pulls his inspiration from the fact that he can never fully comprehend the beauty of God’s creation. The understanding of life will always be challenged by his inability to fully grasp nature’s design. Whatever Cody studies, he finds that there is always a rhythm and a symphony of color a richness that can only be fully appreciated by the simple question: Why?

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