Exhibition Opening: Shed Light, Matthew O’Reilly

Jun 7


Shed Light is Matthew O’Reilly’s residency exit exhibition and is an iterative exploration of a self-portrait. This work transcends traditional limits of self-portraiture, inviting viewers to engage with the tangible and the intangible aspects of identity, memory, and emotion. Each piece is a fusion of form and function, where the vessel becomes a canvas for personal expression and the individual's place in a broader society. As functional objects, these ceramic self-portraits invite tactile interaction and sensory engagement. Each piece becomes a conduit for connection and reflection, bridging the gap between the artist and the viewer. Ultimately, the work serves as vessels of introspection and dialogue, inviting viewers to explore their own reflections within the contours of clay.

  • Tickets:
  • Free
  • Date(s):
    • Exhibition runs June 7-29