Exhibition: Resurgence: Visualizing Tribal Sovereignty Over Ancestral Lands

Apr 5 - Apr 26


The Confluence Center (Western Montana's Home for Nonprofit Events) art program Torrents is thrilled to partner with Human Ecology and present a special First Friday event: Resurgence.
Inspired by the profound ethos of “Indian land in Indian hands,” each piece in this exhibition offers poignant reflections reminding viewers that they must recognize and honor that all are standing on Native land.
This exhibition puts out a call to action through a diverse array of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, prints, textiles, multimedia installations, film, and participatory art, that navigate the complexities of confronting the injustices of the past and forging a path towards liberation, rooted in justice and equity for the legacy of Native Americans and First Nations.

  • Tickets:
  • Free
  • Date(s):
    • Exhibition will run through Apr. 26