FVCC Honors Symposium Lecture Series: "China Under Xi Jinping: The New Mao"

Feb 20


Dr. Terry Weidner is a professor emeritus of Chinese politics and former director of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center at the University of Montana, will assess where China is today, noting the nation’s escalating power as well as the serious national challenges that are eroding some of the domestic adulation and obedience accorded Xi Jinping, who has assiduously positioned himself as the “new Mao.”
Dr. Weidner will touch on topics such as the impact of Chinese abuses in Xinjiang and protests in Hong Kong, as well as how the Trump trade war has influenced broader bilateral relations, China’s global position and Xi’s hold on power.
In an increasingly globalized world, foreign policy is important to our local and global welfare. In the 2020 election year, foreign affairs feature prominently among voters’ concerns, according to a recent Gallup report. International trade, global diplomacy and multilateral relations are far reaching and impact Montanans locally.
This year’s lecture series brings together distinguished experts to share their research and insights on global affairs in 2020. Lectures are free and open to all.

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    • Thu, February 20 - 7:00PM