Indigikitchen founder Mariah Gladstone:"Cooking Up Indigikitchen"

Feb 18

Babb resident Mariah Gladstone uses both academic and ancestral knowledge to revitalize indigenous food knowledge. She founded Indigikitchen online to provide tools, recipes, and guidance in how to re-indigenize diets while also strengthening cultural ties and supporting healthier ecosystems, bodies, and families.
Gladstone grew up in urban areas in Montana but spent summers with her family on the Blackfeet Reservation and 40 miles from the nearest grocery store. She observed diet-related health problems, with half of Native youth expected to develop Type II diabetes in their lifetimes.
She began working toward food sovereignty through hunting, harvesting, and growing, then decided to feed the need for indigenous foods with Indigikitchen, which teaches about cooking with pre-contact ingredients for simple nutrition that is affordable, sustainable, and accessible.

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