Inside the Songs Vol. III featuring Susan Gibson, Dave Rummans, and Steve Hughes

Jun 18

LT Pick

These magnetic shows captivate audiences by getting up close and musical. Three singer songwriters take the stage together to interact with each other, listeners, and to share both their original music and captivating insider accounts of their creativity and experiences.
This installment features: Dave Rummans and Steve Hughes of Lewistown, and singer/songwriter Susan Gibson, who has written for artists including the Dixie Chicks and Jim Lauderdale, all the way from Nashville.
Organizers choose venues with exceptional acoustics in order to strike a chord with music lovers who crave a more intimate setting one that goes against the mainstream concert experience. This provides the perfect environment where the audience can connect with the musicians, ask questions, and learn more about the music breaking down the barrier between the artist and audience.

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