Montana Renaissance Festival 2024

Jun 1 - Jun 2

LT Pick

Take in two days of Medieval Merriment and Mayhem in Red Lodge. Embark on a magical journey at the Montana Renaissance Festival 2024. Nestled in the scenic vistas of Red Lodge, this enchanting weekend event beckons visitors from near and far to a realm where the lines between history and fantasy beautifully blur.
The Order of Epona Jousting: Stand in awe of the valor as knights clash in jousting duels, a true testament to chivalric tradition.
Raptors Return: Be captivated by the grace of raptors soaring through the sky, a mesmerizing spectacle for all ages.
Chaste Treasure Returns: Surrender to the spellbinding harmonies of Chaste Treasure, whose performances remain a festival cornerstone.
Innovative Acts: Anticipate a roster of fresh talent set to dazzle with their extraordinary abilities, enriching the festival's legacy.
Warrior Demonstrations: Witness the might of warriors from diverse factions as they demonstrate their martial prowess.
Feast on Turkey Legs: Indulge in an epic feast with 1400 pounds of delectable turkey legs, a royal treat for every palate.
Pirate's Cove: Adventure awaits in the newly unveiled Pirate's Cove, where pirates and treasures abound.
Marketplace Wonders: Explore the marketplace's treasures, offering both cherished favorites and novel finds to delight the senses.
Non-Stop Entertainment: Five stages promise endless entertainment, ensuring every moment is filled with wonder and excitement.

  • Date(s):
    • Sat, June 1 - 10 a.m.
    • Sun, June 2 - 6 p.m.