New Beginnings: An American Story of Romantics and Modernists in the West 

Apr 27 - Jul 13

LT Pick

This exhibition focuses on Taos area artists who began to experiment with interpreting the West through a modern lens. Like the early Montana Modernists, these artists pushed boundaries, adapted new ways of thinking and seeing, and found their own version of place-based Modernism. Many had national influence and a direct impact on our own region.
Through June 20, the YAM presents John Giarrizzo Work from Life: Yesterday & Today. Throughout his life as a professor at Northwest College in Powell, Wyo., and now as a full-time artist, his days involve quiet observation of the human form. This daily art practice has produced numerous sketchbooks and a refined spread of studies and finished paintings, which give homage to themes that have stood large in his life.
But what evokes mystery and depth in contrast to these genre-like themes are the ever-present Guardians Renaissance clad figures, pulled from Caravaggio paintings, largely present, but hiding in shadow.

  • Date(s):
    • through July 17