Night of Grief and Mystery Concert

Nov 14

LT Pick

Part poetry, part lamentation, part book reading, part ribaldry, part concert, part lifting the mortal veil and learning the mysteries there that’s what’s in store during this “Night of Grief and Mystery.”
Tour founders are Stephen Jenkinson, a Harvard-educated theologian, culture activist, founder of The Orphan Wisdom School and the author of Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul; and Gregory Hoskins, a musician whose career spans 11 recordings over 27 years and record deals on three continents. Hoskins’ lyrics and voice tend to break and bind at the same time in songs that are steeped in beauty and a muscular type of sorrow. They are joined on this tour by keyboard/vocalist Lisa Hodgson, bass/vocalist Colleen Hodgson, and drummer Adam Bowman.

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