Niko Moon with Redferrin

Apr 18

Niko Moon has really clear memories. Music, cars, school. How much his parents loved each other, created a place where life was an adventure and what you had was all you needed.
His dad, a drummer turned truck driver, loved old cars. As a boy, he remembers a Falcon, “red interior, and the carpet. The way it smelled.” He used to love to pile in with his dad, riding around, going to get donuts and listening to music.
“I got a tattoo that says, ‘This, too, shall pass.’ Me and my dad both did, because he used to tell me that, and it’s true. If you can find ways to remember, to hold on to the feelings and everything in that moment, that’s the deal. It’s so simple: I’m the first person to tell you I’m just trying to make people happy. Life is so short; you’re here, and then you’re gone. I want to enjoy every moment and if (the songs) are the best thing we can give people, do for each other, then I’m all about it.”
So much so, that Moon holed up at home and started playing around with sounds, rhythms, grooves and Miss Anna Moon. Between them, they crafted 14 songs that distill the essence of who they are, how they were raised, where they grew up and the things that matter. Laughing, he says, “Finding Anna was really finding myself. We both exist in this music, in these songs and in this life, what makes you happy is love, whether Anna or your friends, your family and the way you choose to see the world. These songs, I hope, create a space to pick the beauty in a bad day and make you bob your head a little.”

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