One Robe: Metis Culture Festival

Sep 30

LT Pick

Discover and celebrate the beautiful, powerful Metis culture that shaped so much of Montana and permeates our state’s history. Metis music and dance is a blend of French, Celtic, and Indigenous traditions -- discover something new about who we are.
This one-night event features: Ryan Keplin, an accomplished Metis fiddler, and the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers, featuring three young Metis dancers from Winnipeg who blend traditional dances with hip-hop and are attracting a new generation of young Metis into the jig tradition.
Acclaimed pianist Phil Aaberg offers a musical tribute to Metis scholar and champion, Nicholas Vrooman.
The festival also features filmed story moments by Metis leaders, storytellers, and culture carriers with acclaimed pianist Aaberg and fiddler Sapphire Jetty.

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