Original Musical: "Welcome to the Void"

Apr 7 - Apr 18

LT Pick

The School of Theatre and Dance at the University of Montana will stream its next play, a new musical written by graduate students, “Welcome to the Void,” April 7-18.
The play explores what humans do to counteract grief and separation. Humans are herd animals: we need each other. In these times of isolation, the realization is reinforced that other people make life worthwhile.
Some say that a life lived for others is a life never wasted. “Welcome to the Void”tries to capture that essence by telling the story of six characters living in complete isolation and reflecting on some of the healthy (and not-so-healthy ways) they cope. These six souls telegraph to the audience how we have all been grieving in a multitude of ways during the pandemic sometimes without even realizing what we've been doing to attempt to feel better.
Audience discretion advised: contains adult themes and language.

  • Date(s):
    • streaming April 7-18