Shakey Graves

Jul 19

Across his career, Shakey Graves a.k.a. the performance moniker of Austin, Texas-born Alejandro Rose-Garcia has intentionally created thrilling musical adventures tailored to each fan: burning CDs and putting them in personalized decorated bags; building intricate scavenger hunts that send fans in search of unique tapes; and Bandcamp-exclusive releases.
As Rose-Garcia releases his new Shakey Graves album Movie of the Week a collection of songs whittled down from epic-length recording sessions he has devised one of his most innovative musical adventures yet. "For the album release, I'm setting up a website," he says. "On this website, there will be a way to shuffle a collection of alternate tracks and unique songs from the sessions in seemingly infinite combinations to create new albums." Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, fans will be able to own this alternate version and do whatever they want with it giving them control over the destiny of the music.

  • Date(s):
    • Fri, July 19 - 8 p.m.