The 8x8 Exhibition and Sale 2022

Nov 4 - Dec 30

LT Pick Free

Following the success of last year's 8x8 Exhibition, the Art Guild is bringing it back. The show features diminutive works from Guild members, with each piece measuring just 8" x 8" in size. Participating artists include Maggie Bassett, Jim Buti, Kathryn Daley, Linda Franson, Diane Greenwood, Bonnie Griffith, Carol Hartman, Ellen Herminghaus, Mary Hopper, Abby King, Jacquie Kittson, Elizabeth LaRowe, Peggy Lynn, Susan Lyons, Helen Mackay, Terri Malucci, Bruce Marty, Annie McCoy, Janet Moczar-Buti, Dorci Newman Tremblay, Pat Olding, Louise Payovich, Cat Pentescu, Janice Polzin, Jean Posusta, Sydney Rajchel, Marcia Selsor, Margaret Smith, Lou Taylor, Robert Tompkins, Richard Wallace, Gillan Wang, Randy Wiethorn, and Tom Wolfe. This is a cash and carry exhibition. Anyone who is unable to make it to the show in person, online shopping is available.
The exhibition and sale runs from Nov. 4- Dec. 31.

  • Date(s):
    • Nov. 4- Dec. 31