The Sense Beyond Desire

Jan 22 - Feb 26

LT Pick

The Sense Beyond Desire, on display Jan. 22-Feb. 27, features a wonderful array of vibrant and vital abstract artworks by LeAnn Boyd (fresco), Pamela Caughey (encaustic), Ashley Meyora (encaustic and mixed media) and Sean O’Connell (decorated pottery).
The title of the show is derived from the poem “Emergence,” by US Poet Laureate Joy Harjo:
A human mind is small when thinking
of small things.
It is large when embracing the maker
of walking, thinking and flying.
If I can locate the sense beyond desire,
I will not eat or drink
until I stagger into the earth
with grief.
I will locate the point of dawning
and awaken
with the longest day in the world.

  • Date(s):
    • Jan. 22-Feb. 27