Your Friend, Ranger Doug

Jul 20 - Oct 5

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Your Friend, Ranger Doug is presented for the first time in exhibition format at Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art from June 3-Oct. 5. This insightful, touching, and informative film is a short documentary made by Celine Francois, Claire Jantzen, Kayla Borkovec, Lexi Johnson, and Sara Nell through Chapman University.
In the film, “a 93-year-old Glacier National Park ranger confronts the decline of the park he calls home as he reflects on his life and the legacy he will leave behind.” When viewed in relationship to the diverse art exhibitions at the museum this summer, the film coincides with a concern and extended effort by the museum to provide a thoughtful and critical understanding of the people we know, and the place we call home in Montana. It’s part of the museum’s ongoing efforts to provide experiences that promote cross-cultural and cross-generational connections, that bring us together to build a creative and enlightened future.
A film showing and virtual discussion with filmmakers is scheduled for 6 p.m. Sept. 26, on Facebook Live,

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    • continuing through Oct. 5