Richie Reinholdt | Pleasure Madness

New Albums

Missoula songwriter Richie Reinholdt has a new one out, his 10 originals ornamented by a host of local Missoula talents. But wait ”” he plays a bunch of instruments, too: guitars, bass, drums, banjo and mandolin, to go along with his lead vocal.

Abe Baruck, Bruce Threlkeld and Ryan Vetos add drums, and Larry Chung and David Horgan play pedal steel guitar. Don’t forget Andy Dunnigan on resophonic guitar, nor Britt Arnesen, his bandmate in “Britchy,” who provides harmony vocals. Quite the orchestra.

Chung’s cool pedal steel break helps out on “Court Jester” ; “Breaking My Heart” is a gentle shuffle with Horgan on steel. Arnesen’s harmony vocalizations are perfectly suited to Reinholdt’s warbly tenor on many of the tunes; witness “Hollywood’s” pretty chorus and 60’s pop-sensibility.

Reinholdt sings both lead and harmony vocal on his lonesome “Night Train,” following up on his Everly Brothers influence. He adds a spooky guitar break here as well.

“Fly Away” has an early Beatles’ sound with that garage-band authenticity, and “Blue #2,” written with Arnesen, is a nice belt-buckleshiner. “Six Strings,” with its Bob Wills touch, begs the feet to dance as well, thanks to some toe-tappin’ drums from Jeff “Dukey” Kirschenmann.

The album is armed with Reinholdt’s usual precision production work. Visit

– Mariss McTucker