David and Deidre Casey | World Can’t Take It Away

New Albums

Prolific Helena songwriter David Casey, of Watercarvers’ Guild fame and oodles of solo CDs, has just put out a folk compendium of songs with his wife, Deidre. It is an unabashed paean to the couple’s devout religious leanings, 20 years in the making.

David plays all the instruments, including bouzouki, banjo and piano, and sings, and Deidre contributes vocals. Seven of the songs are originals, and three are traditional pieces.

“Every Little Thing” opens with a rolling tempo on bouzouki; it’s an uplifiting prayer to God where Deidre shows off her complementary harmony vocals. A quieter reprise of the same song closes the album.

“Remade,” written by Deidre, is a slow, pretty song; David adds just a whisper of harmony to good effect. “Quickly Love Is Returning” has a catchy ’60s-sounding melody, with an interesting chord progression on the chorus.

“Nothing Shall Separate Us (from the Lord)” is a slow and simple gospel chant, repetitive and mesmerizing. There’s the folky “This Day God Gives Me,” a traditional hymn; “All Creatures of Our God and King” another traditional prayer, is a light, sweet number; and “More than I Know” has a strident piano intro as Deidre sings the vocal.

David’s wackiness reveals itself on the electronica-fueled title tune, “World Can’t Take It Away.” Space-age sounds and toe-tapping drums propel the syncopated beat, while Deidre belts out the vocal (“We were made for everlasting joy and the world can’t give it, and the world can’t take it away” ). It’s a snappy and modern religious song.

Their voices mesh so well that it’s obvious the Caseys have been singing together for a long time. The songs are a mix of tempos, but all of them reflect the passion of the couple’s religious convictions. It’s a powerful way to express love for a higher power.

Visit the Caseys at www.davidcaseymusic.com.

– Mariss McTucker