Whitefish Review welcomes fire-themed submissions through March 15

Books & Writers

Whitefish Review is looking to heat things up. In the midst of a polar vortex, the editorial team recently selected “fire” as the theme for issue no. 15. Submissions for the summer 2014 issue are now being reviewed in art, photography, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. For writers and artists high school level and below, there is a special category.

“Fire is universal. It warms. It bonds people together. It’s hot and unpredictable,” said Brian Schott, founding editor, shivering in his office. “This primal force can be contained or let loose and take on a life of its own. Fire is elemental and beautiful, but there is also a dangerous side. Fire destroys, but this essential force of nature also creates renewal and room for growth.”

Submissions are accepted through March 15 via www.whitefishreview.org. Full guidelines are explained on the website.

Whitefish Review is a nationally-acclaimed, nonprofit journal publishing the distinctive literature, art, and photography of mountain culture. In addition to a diverse mix of stories, interviews and conversations, a 16-page color art and photography section is featured with commentary from the artists and photographers.

In addition to publishing work from writers and artists at the height of their careers, the journal specifically seeks new, previously unpublished talent.