Shakewell: Shakewell EP

If no other part of your body gets it, your feet certainly will

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Infectious as a communicable disease!
Infectious as a communicable disease!

Missoula-based Shakewell has released its original three-song EP that’s funky, neo-soul-y, and rock ‘n roll-y. The band, comprised of long-time friends, rose from the ashes of the old Shakewell and Three Eared Dog to bust out “tectonic dance grooves.” The music is as infectious as a communicable disease, and if no other part of your body gets it, your feet certainly will. The energy of their live performance flies off the CD. This is a bunch of white boys sending out a soulful vibe in Montana and I like it!

Lead singer Cove Jasmin, the son of acclaimed Bitterroot performer and teacher Chip Jasmin, rocks the place with his polished and malleable vocals. He also adds keys and percussion.

On Emmet Ore’s R&B composition, “Indubitable,” Jasmin trots out lots of dips and woohs and trills with his warbling tenor, making short guttural sounds à la Michael Jackson to boot. Ore’s crackerjack guitar leads are light and graceful; drummer and percussionist Aaron “Trickshot” Johnson keeps the punch going in tandem with Emmet’s brother Sam on bass, and Jordan Smith provides rhythm guitar and cool harmony vocals. Jasmin and Smith combine for tight vocal synergy on the album, juiced up by overdubs of both voices at times.

The Big Hornz duo (Tanner Fruit, alto sax, and Nathan “Rock Bottom” Crawford, trumpet) bop and jab their way through the music. “Indubitable” is their first single, and it should be. It has a great hook.

Jasmin’s “When I Feel” has a quick, syncopated pace, horns punctuating this sexy tale of love at first blush on the dance floor. Ore’s “Made Your Mind” comes with a bluesy, jazzy feel, crisp hi-hat work and a some rappin’ lyrics on a great arrangement. Can’t wait for the full-length album, coming soon.

It’s refreshing to hear a band actually making all the sounds without resorting to a bunch of fake instrumentation. Take that, DJs!


– Mariss McTucker