Troy Kechely | Stranger’s Dance

Death and infidelity on the highline...then the dog showed up!

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Strangers Dance Front CoverIn 1930s Montana, no one kept dogs as pets. Who could afford to give scraps to a stray?

The high ranchlands were spared the worst of the Dust Bowl, but most families still had to find work off the ranch to make ends meet. That’s why Frank Redmond carved tombstones on the side.  Even with such work – both lucrative and in steady supply – he and his small family struggled to keep up with their loans.

Frank was ready to call it quits and walk away from the ranch, his wife, his father, the creditors. Then the dog showed up.

In Stranger’s Dance, Troy Kechely draws from almost 20 years as a canine behavior specialist and a childhood growing up on a ranch west of Helena. His plainspoken novel tells a story about death and infidelity and how people learn to strike truce in the presence of hard things.

Kechely is also the author of Management of Aggressive Canines for Law Enforcement, published in 2011, and regularly provides seminars on canine behavior and the human-dog relationship both regionally and nationally. Learn more at