County Line: Montana

Thirsty for whiskey and hungry to dance.

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Wall of guitar.

Missoula band County Line calls itself a rockin’, redneck, outlaw-country band, and proves it on this debut album. It’s a compilation of original songs the guys perform at their shows; the band says it’s time to move from being a long-time cover band with a few homemade songs, to one that plays its own music along with a few covers.

The fellas, who have been together for years, include lead singer/acoustic guitar-player Shawn Christensen, guitarists and vocalists Doug Koester and Stuart Jackson, bassist Mike Hegwood, and Drew Barker on drums and percussion. Christensen and Koester wrote the tunes.

This band makes you thirsty for whiskey and hungry to dance with its wall-of-guitar sounds. “Saturday Night” sets the mood. It’s got references to six-packs and trucks, Waylon on the radio, and there’s even a mention of Strawberry Hill wine! Fuzzed-up guitar gets the energy going, and Christensen belts it out in his robust baritone, with a catch in his throat as befits the genre.

“Working Man’s Game” has a bluesy rock sensibility and a stinging guitar solo by Koester. It’s about having to put up with a meddling boss, just trying to get through to the weekend to relax. Barker’s tight drum work and Hegwood’s rock-solid bass complement Christensen’s pulsing vocals. “Our Love” has a long intro before settling into a gentle rockin’ beat; Christensen stretches out his syllables, which provides contrast.

“Honest Love” storms in like a Dire Straits’ song; Koester’s electric slide propels this barnburner. And “Bottle” sports a thick and bassy riff like a slow “Jackie Blue” as Jackson blisters a guitar solo. He’s hot on the high harmonies as well.

Fans who like to boogie will enjoy these guys. Visit

– Mariss McTucker