Therese Hutchinson | My Wild Garden Zoo

Colorful animals in the family garden

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My Wild Garden ZooArtist and graphic designer Therese Hutchinson pairs colorful paintings with poetry to portray an array of wildlife that visits a young boy’s family garden.

The author hopes her work can be used as a teaching tool for young readers to learn about animals and birds, which she illustrates with identifying features, true to form.

Can you name the differences between the mountain goat’s horns and those of the bighorn sheep? How does the robin compare to a chickadee in size? Check out the “checkered” plumage on the loon. Find out who else is raiding the garden by turning the pages of this large-format book, perfect for young readers and those who read to them.

Hutchinson resides in Twin Bridges, where she and her husband run the local grocery store. This is her first book, and fulfills a life-long dream!

– Judy Shafter