Christopher Cauble | Yellowstone, A Land of Wild and Wonder

There is a deliberate geometry to some of his images.

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Cauble has captured the enormity and diversity of Yellowstone.

The unique beauty and grandeur of Yellowstone National Park has inspired many photographic essays and books. Chris Cauble’s addition to this topic does not disappoint.

In love with the park since childhood, he brings a skilled photographer’s eye and personal outlook to his images. The elements that make the park so attractive to visitors are present here, but often with a unique perspective. Look directly into the eyes of shaggy bison, or marvel over a star-studded night sky tinged with the last remnants of sunset – impressive!

Several panoramic images warrant two-page spreads to encompass their splendor. Cauble’s lens peers intimately into the jewel-toned colors of geysers, and remains to capture the rising steam as evening cools the Earth. There is a deliberate geometry to some of his images – the way a stark stand of trees appears in winter, or a group of elk defines a ridgeline.

Through these images, Cauble has captured the enormity and diversity of Yellowstone, from its snowcapped peaks, to the wandering Lamar River, to the variety of wildlife that make their home in the park. It’s a wonderful armchair look into the breathing heart of a national treasure.

Cauble’s work has been featured in magazines and books, including A Montana Journal, and a children’s book, What I Saw in Yellowstone. His nature videos have been published on many national and international news sites and television programs. He currently resides in Livingston.

– Judy Shafter