Voters: Cast ballot and see free Logjam shows

Shows at Top Hat and Wilma in Missoula open to voters Tuesday

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Amplify Montana: Cherub
Cherub takes the stage Nov. 6 at The Wilma with electronic producer Maddy O’Neil.

On Election Day, Nov. 6, Logjam Presents will allow free admittance to concerts at the Top Hat and Wilma to voters who present a photo of themselves outside of their polling place.

Artists performing include the electronic indie-pop duo Cherub with Colorado electronic producer Maddy O’Neil at the Wilma and instrumental jam-rock quartet TAUK with Exmag at the Top Hat. The offer will be limited to the first 100 voters at the Wilma and the first 45 participants at the Top Hat.

The effort is part of the recently formed Amplify Montana partnership between Logjam Presents and the Forward Montana Foundation, in conjunction with the national #iVoted initiative, to celebrate voter turnout in the 2018 election. “Regardless of your political persuasion, we at Logjam feel voter participation is important,” says Logjam Presents CEO and talent buyer Nick Checota. “Working with our partner the Forward Montana Foundation and the artists, we want to do our part to help increase voter turnout and participation in the democratic process.”

“Go Vote!” added members of TAUK, the jam-rock quartet performing Tuesday night at the Top Hat. We are glad to be a part of Amplify Montana’s voter initiative. We each have a voice that should be heard, and voting is a great opportunity to make sure that it is.”

The #iVoted initiative, “is nothing without the efforts of the incredible promoters we have partnered with,” says organization founder Emily White. “Logjam Presents’ creation of Amplify Montana obviously takes that effort to the next level and beyond. We are blown away by their hard work on educating and informing their community on the importance of voting.”

Montana has same-day voter registration: just show up at your polling place with a current ID to register. If voters have questions or concerns about casting their ballot or would like to volunteer to help get the vote out, they’re encouraged to reach out to the Forward Montana Foundation at 406-542-VOTE.

About Amplify Montana

Formed between Missoula-based concert promoter Logjam Presents and the Forward Montana Foundation, Amplify Montana is a non-partisan voter-registration initiative dedicated to raising awareness at music events, concerts and shows about the importance of voting. For more information visit

About the #iVoted Initiative

#iVoted is a new initiative founded by entrepreneur Emily White, along with Mike Luba of Madison House and Pat Sansone of Wilco. The concept is to let voters

into venues on Nov. 6 who show a photo of themselves outside of their polling place. For more information visit or email [email protected].