Sean Eamon | Losing So Long

Butte singer-songwriter hopes second CD helps people survive long Montana winters

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Sean Eamon | Losing So Long
Sean Eamon’s originals feature ballads, country and rock pieces, delivered in his expressive baritone.

Butte’s Sean Eamon calls his second album a bit more reflective than his earlier self-titled debut, and he hopes it will help people survive our long Montana winters. The singer and guitarist is accompanied on the disk by area musicians Mike Babineau, drums; Bill Dwyer, acoustic and electric guitars and organ; Aaron Parrett, fiddle and mandolin; Justin Ringsak, bass and trumpet; and Garrett Smith, trombone.

Eamon is a recreational therapist aid at Warm Springs during the day, and he dedicated the album to friends, family, and the mentally ill, which seems fitting.

His originals feature ballads, country and rock pieces, and he’s the only one doing the vocals. No matter. His expressive baritone is often joined by instrumental riffs from cookin’ electric guitar, like on the up-tempo “On a Night,” a country song with a cool electric slide sound. “Some days, you say, that’s enough, I need some peace and quiet,” go the lyrics. There’s a nifty syncopated guitar off-beat too, giving the song some punch.

The title tune, a slow ballad called “Losing So Long,” features just him on guitar, singing with an emotional, trembly delivery. “I’m a clock that just won’t spin … I need a second hand to remember the first,” he opines, as he keeps trying to be upbeat about life.

And “Blood on the Road,” a sad waltz with a tragic core, finds Eamon singing with a hitch in his higher register, which makes the song quite compelling.

“Will I See You Tonight” is a good belt-buckle shiner with sweet fiddle sounds, and “Rain on a River” is a country loper with a catchy beat and light mandolin riffs. And I swear he’s channeling wisps of Mick Jagger on “I’m Hurtin’,” with its rockin’ beat and horn interlude. Cool!


– Mariss McTucker