Travis Yost makes No Excuses on new album

Third album by Yost, aka Love Is a Dog from Nebraska, dubbed “another winner”

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Missoula multi-instrumentalist Travis Yost, aka “Love Is a Dog from Nebraska,” has released his third full-length album, another solo effort of originals. He played all instruments and recorded it in his home studio. Yost is a sought-out talent for other musicians, performing on their works and producing them, too.

Travis Yost's new solo album is titled No Excuses.
Because he plays oodles of instruments and knows how to use effects, Yost comes out with a band sound that isn’t cluttered.

Here, Yost examines his “fight or flight response” to relationships. He decided writing about running away made for better storytelling than chronicling one’s downfall. He opted for simpler production this time, and because he plays oodles of instruments and knows how to use effects, he comes out with a band sound that isn’t cluttered. He uses acoustic and electric guitars, drums, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and electric pianos and synth. And he does all voicing.

The catchy “Landed” has guitar on the backbeat, and piano arpeggios. Our protagonist is skittish about getting close to someone, and wants to bolt. And only 34 seconds long, “Our Place” is infectious with its pop-rock tempo, memorable melody, and people sounding like they’re having a good time. Yost writes commercials and film music, and this one spoofs ’90s sit-coms like “Friends.”

“Then There’s Now” is gorgeous. Yost’s accomplished voice falls somewhere between baritone and tenor, and boy, can he hit the high notes. He drives by the house where he and his ex lived together, thinking about the bad times. The chorus soars with three-part harmonies, and there’s even a nifty xylophone interlude. Methinks there’s a hit here!

Yost wrote the lovely instrumental, “Ice Church,” for Amy Martin’s podcast on the Arctic. With bowed double-bass and electric guitar played through gizmos, it drips with melting, morphing chords that slide around like syrup on a plate, resolving to harmony. What a unique sound. Yost puts out another winner!

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– Mariss McTucker