Daniel Kosel turns toward Better Days

Musician from Roberts teams with top-notch players for fourth album

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Daniel Kosel of Roberts, he of the burnished baritone and wicked guitar chops, has a fourth album out. This time the solo artist is accompanied by top-notch players Marley Ball, cello, Mike Tranel, drums, and Maclin Wiley, bass. The “crues” artist (he mixes country, rock, and blues) writes all the songs and does all the acoustic and electric guitar work.

New album showcases Daniel Kosel's burnished baritone and wicked guitar chops.
New album showcases Daniel Kosel’s burnished baritone and wicked guitar chops.

On the bluesy “Serendipity,” Kosel encourages us to rid ourselves of fear and worry by seeking solace in Nature rather than technology or modern medicine. He plays some crisp notes and wiggly lines, and a Chuck Berry riff or two. “Consider my sage advice, non-GMO and free … embrace Mother Earth and serendipity.” Ha!

“Dirt Country Town” has a hometown flavor. Kosel lauds the virtues of a small burg where everyone has friends who get together for a good time. It’s a minor-key rocker with deep cello lines and some nifty muddy guitar licks. “You’re only a stranger for a minute, we’ve got your six,” he croons.

On “Better Days,” the title tune, the cello’s sustained notes build in intensity, along with Kosel’s percussive guitar strokes. A troubled man knows he will be forgiven for his misdeeds, and realizes that the pain has made him a better person. It’s got a cool arrangement, too.

The mid-tempo country-rock beat of “Only One” finds a love-struck fellow hoping the woman of his dreams will dance with him; and “Pendleton Whiskey” reflects Kosel’s choice of drink, as he entertains revelers with his music. It’s a shuffly, bluesy toe-tapper with terrific percussion that will surely get you up and dancin’!

Included with the CD are lyrics and chord progressions. You can also find a music video on the artist’s website.

Visit danielkoselmusic.com.

– Mariss McTucker