Kenny James Miller Band | Tear In My Eye

Band's new album of 14 original cuts is "the real deal" says Flathead bluesman Steve Kelley

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I always loved albums that sound like the band playing live, not over produced, the real deal. Tear In My Eye, the new album by the Kenny James Miller Band (KJMB), nails it. Bandleader, vocalist and guitarist Ken Sederdahl wrote the tunes (teaming up with Mark Cornett on “The One Who Loves You). His band mates are bassist and Big Daddy and the Blue Notes alumnus Mark Meznarich and drummer Greg Sewell. Both are veteran players to be sure and a big part of the sound of the band.

Title song on the Kenny James Miller Band's new CD is dedicated to Elon “Sarge” Casey Jones.
Title song on Kenny James Miller Band’s new CD is dedicated to Elon “Sarge” Casey Jones.

The guest artist, Elon “Sarge” Casey Jones from the Spokane area, loves the band and sat in when the boys played in the area. He’s the inspiration for the title song and was thrilled to do some backup vocals on that track.

A little backstory about Ken Sederdahl, a kid from New Jersey who was plucked up and moved to Montana at an impressionable age. His family landed in the Eureka area, Pinkham Creek to be exact (the community’s long history of brewing moonshine fuels the song “Pinkham Jelly”). What happens next is a story of hard work, family, music, church and, most important, talent.

A proper blues song should tell a story. Ken tells some great ones on this album, classic tales of love, loss, redemption, relationships, good people and bad.

This band makes you want to dance! The power trio’s unique style of rockin’ blues is instantly recognizable, which is the sign of a real artist and the reason for their huge fan base.

From funky to rock to slow blues burn, to slide guitar, the Kenny James Miller Band is wonderful. I like every track on this recording. All 14 cuts are good original songs played very well, making it a must for any collection.

FYI the Kenny James Miller Band name came from Ken and former members James Groom and Mark Miller. It’s trademarked so Ken just went with it regardless of band members, and says he’ll keep the name “until I quit recording.”

Footnote: KJMB and Big Daddy and the Blue Notes are the only Montana blues bands to tour out of state, playing large blues festivals and major clubs. Montana should be proud to be represented by these wonderful artists.

Catch the band’s celebratory jam session, 3-7 p.m. May 23 at the Kalispell Elks Club and keep up their gigs on Facebook.

– Steve “Big Daddy” Kelley