Middle School Girls’ STEEM Summer Institute: Zoology

Jul 29 - Aug 2

LT Pick

Empowering Future Generations of Women in STEEM Fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, Environment, Math
This camp is tailored for young girls with a passion for wildlife, biodiversity, and the exciting field of zoology.
In this camp, participants will embark on a thrilling adventure, diving deep into the realms of animal biology, behavior, and conservation. Engaging workshops, hands-on activities, and interactive sessions led by experienced zoologists will provide a comprehensive understanding of the diverse and incredible creatures that share our planet.
Girls will have the opportunity to explore anatomy, physiology, and taxonomy through exciting experiments and dissections. From learning about the adaptations of different species to understanding animal habitats and ecosystems, the camp offers a holistic approach to zoological sciences.
Field trips to wildlife research areas and natural habitats will provide participants with firsthand experiences and opportunities to explore wildlife. Guest speakers, including accomplished women in the field of zoology, will share their expertise and inspire girls to envision themselves as future leaders in the study and conservation of wildlife.

  • Date(s):
    • Mon, July 29
    • Tue, July 30
    • Wed, July 31
    • Thu, August 1
    • Fri, August 2