Professional Development for Educators: Explore the Seven Essential Understandings of Indian Education for All

Feb 11

MAM’s education team is committed to offering ongoing quality enrichment for classroom teachers and teaching artists. The winter cycle will focus on teaching and learning in the dedicated Lynda M. Frost Contemporary American Indian Art Gallery. Connecting with the Essential Understandings of Indian Education for All (IEFA), teachers will explore Bently Spang’s “Fire/Water” installation, on view through April 20.
Participants will touch on issues of water use and climate change, as well as language and vocabulary, appreciation versus appropriation, and creating space to amplify Native voices. Teachers of all grade levels and disciplines are welcome.
MAM offers trainings for teachers, teaching artists, and art guides. These hands-on workshops connect with the core values and mission of MAM and share best practices in the field of art education.

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