What is Still True? A Day of Mindfulness with Patsy Murphy

Jan 16

So much has changed since news about the worldwide pandemic made it’s way onto the airwaves and into our lives. The uncertainty and fear, hardship and loss is never-ending and at times it seems as though it will be impossible to contain.
So, what is still true? The mountains are standing, we are shoveling snow, watching the sun rise and set, making meals and washing dishes, connecting with loved ones and much more. No matter the discord and distance we are all connected. The interconnectedness among all of us is one of the most powerful teachings of all.
During this day together participants will practice in order to cultivate a sense of agency, to understand that a range of responses is open to us. Participants will practice to remember to breathe, to have space in the midst of adversity to recall our values, what we really care about – and to find support in our inner strength, and in one another. We will practice restorative stretches and movement and guided meditatio.

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