Musicians & Performers

Jimni is an acoustic rock duo featuring Stacy Santilli’s dynamic vocals and cajon. Jim Steiner plays guitar and harmonica and lends vocals. The duo delivers stripped-down rock and country classics. Their upbeat sound is organic, rugged and richly textured. Snug harmonies shine. During a live performance, expect to hear anything from the Beatles to Radiohead, and Neil Young to Lady Gaga, peppered with a few original tunes.


Jimni has two CDs of all-original music. Their debut album featuring 13 tunes was released in October 2012. Matthew Forss of Ariel Publicity noted, “rustic guitars, folksy vocals, and stripped-down production that showcases the duo’s strongest abilities of musicianship. The vocals and guitar reach a magical place that is earthy, but surprisingly heavenly. And lyrics that can only be invented with creative intelligence.” Their second album, Bend, was released in May 2016. Mariss McTucker, reviewer for Lively Times, commented on its “vigorous, compelling sound, loads of technical prowess. The title track rumbles along like a train on a track, with wailin’ harmonica and dark, sustained electric guitar chords pitching in.”


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Jimni offers top-notch entertainment at affordable rates. They are equally comfortable in an intimate venue as well as on a big stage.